In store from 17th – 20th May.

Alter Ego explores the concept of inner duality and self-acceptance. It is designed to offer the opportunity for women to express their individuality in sartorial form.

Alter Ego is a study in the symphony of contrasts. Artfully blending softness with hardness, signature draping contrasts with highly structured, drop waist bodices. Avant-garde new colourway, a rich midnight blue reminiscent of the depth of night skies, acts in duality to bright ivory, which emulates sunshine and light. The indulgence of luxe new silhouettes is countered by a pared back minimalist aesthetic.

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This collection is priced approximately $2300 – $6300

Hera Couture Curve Trunk Show

June 7th – 29th

We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting a mini trunk show of 5 gorgeous Hera Couture curve gowns from 7th – 29th June! These gowns are sampled in sizes 20 – 24 and are here for a very limited time!

Priced approximately $4000 – $6000



Advanced Simplicity – Hera Couture Trunk Show

August 10th – 24th

The Amplified Simplicity collection by HERA COUTURE distills complexity into essential, impactful designs. Katie Yeung, the creative force behind Hera, has crafted each gown like an intricate melody, the masterful tailoring seamlessly intertwined with a woman’s extraordinary life journey. The collection is a testament to Yeung’s focused vision, meticulous curation of luxury fabrics and mastery of cut and silhouette. Inspired by the Hera bride, these gowns pay homage to the breadth of individuality, where simplicity becomes the canvas for a bride’s timeless and unforgettable story.